Florian Hofhansl

Tropical Ecosystem Research

ATBC 2013 conference meeting, San José, Costa Rica

ATBC was founded as the Association for Tropical Biology (ATB) on July 6, 1962 to promote research and to foster the exchange of ideas among biologists working in tropical environments. After official incorporation as a non-profit organization in 1963, ATB started regular publications and academic symposia to build global networks of tropical biologists and conservationists. Since 1969, ATB has published BIOTROPICA, a high-impact journal of global readership which features peer-reviewed articles and reviews on ecology and evolution of biological and functional diversity in tropical environments, as well as issues critical for conservation of tropical biodiversity. The 50th anniversary meeting of the ATBC took place June 23-27, 2013 in San José, Costa Rica.


Link to website: http://tropicalbiology.org/annual-meetings


Link to article: https://atbc.confex.com/atbc/2013/webprogram/Paper2589.html


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