Florian Hofhansl

Tropical Ecosystem Research

Terrestrial light detection and ranging for estimating tropical vegetation biomass

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Our article entitled “Performance of Laser-Based Electronic Devices for Structural Analysis of Amazonian Terra-Firme Forests” was recently published in the section “Remote Sensing Techniques for Precision Forestry” a special issue of the journal Remote Sensing (Remote Sens. 2019, 11(5), 510; doi: 10.3390/rs11050510)

Novel in situ remote sensing techniques may provide nondestructive alternative approaches to derive biomass estimates for tropical forest ecosystems. We report error metrics for measurements of tree diameter and tree height and show that estimates of aboveground biomass are in good agreement (<10% measurement uncertainty) with traditional measurements. We quantify total and systematic errors among measurements obtained from laser-based electronic devices and conclude that terrestrial light detection and ranging (LiDAR) can complement conventional measurement techniques, thus improving biomass estimates for tropical forest ecosystems.

Terrestrial laser scan of tropical vegetation structure

Please also check out this amazing animation as well as the article entitled “Performance of laser-based electronic devices for structural analysis of Amazonian terra-firme forests” published in a Special Issue “Remote Sensing Techniques for Precision Forestry” in the journal Remote Sensing.


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